Two women and a tuk tuk on a ride through India

Karma Lady is the incredible journey of two women across India riding a rickety tuk tuk, the most widely used means of transport in India. 4200 km of adventure on three wheels, from North to South along the East coast, to discover day after day the faces, the flavors and simple everyday gestures. A 50km per hour road trip, which reveals a fascinating and chaotic country.

Silvia Gottardi guide us in the more authentic and less known street-life: the hellish traffic, the animals in the middle of the road, the food eaten by hand, the powerfull monsoon, the bizarre body language, the constant dangers. But also the unexpected wonder of a fruit market and the sudden appearance of a temple. Our blue tuk tuk is the true protagonist of this story, along with the many faces of this wonderful, colorful, contradictory country.